The two principals of Pixel Wranglers are Terry Dyke and Marilyn Fenn. Together, they form a complementary team with a comprehensive range of skills and talents for any web-building task. Their efforts are supplemented by a trusted cadre of colleagues who are called in on an as-needed basis.


Bit Wrangler

Terry Dyke has been been a web developer for more than a decade, and professionally involved in communications technology for longer than he’d care to admit. A graduate of the University of Texas in computer science, he has worked variously as a programmer, an executive at a cable television network, and a media consultant. In his off-hours, he writes and records music in his home studio and works on his next novel.


Pixel Wrangler

Marilyn Fenn is an artist by calling and by training. She graduated from the prestigious School of the Art Institute of Chicago and started working professionally in digital image-making even before she had student loans to repay. Several well-known Fortune 500 companies have received the benefits of her talent in creating graphics, animations, 3D models and web sites. When she’s not conjuring pixels, she works her own magic at the easel.