Choosing a Domain Name

dotcomChoosing a good domain name can be daunting, or may be quite simple.  If possible, you want your domain name to be the same as your website name, which should probably be the same as your company name, with a ‘.com’ extension if you are a business. However, the chance of that exact name and extension being available may not be good.

Special tip for artists: unless you have a good reason not to, we recommend that you use the name you are known by as an artist as your domain name.  That is the way that people will most likely look for you, and they are far more likely to remember your name rather than a made up “studio” name.

Start by searching for available domain names that would work for you.  Domain Tools is a great place to begin your domain name search.  If you can’t find the exact name you desire, consider using hyphens for a multiple word name, or an abbreviation of your company name, like an acronym, or using a different extension, such as ‘.biz,’ ‘.net, .’org,’ ‘.info’ or ‘.us.’

There are several more domain extensions to choose from, and one of them may be more appropriate for your particular needs.  Here is an article at that goes into more depth about Choosing a Good Domain Name.

Getting the ‘right’ domain name can be difficult, so it is best to register one as soon as possible.  You shouldn’t pay more than about $30.00/year for a domain name, and many companies will offer domain registration for as low as $7.00 or $8.00 per year.

Here are links to three hosting services with whom I have had good luck where you can register your domain name for $15.00 per year or less:

Please feel free to contact us if you would like help beginning at this point.

If you want to understand domain names at a more basic level, this article at explains what they are, how they came to be, and more.

(I originally wrote and published this article on my design website, Marilyn Fenn Design.  I have updated the content for re-posting here.)

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