The Design Process

Exploring Your Needs and Desires

We will begin by meeting virtually or in person to discuss your project and objectives — your goals, audience, technical requirements and limitations, budget, and time frame.  We offer an initial free consultation of one-two hours, as needed, to determine if we are a good match for your specific designer requirements.

Researching the Best Solution

If we decide to further explore working togther, we will then begin to research any unknowns about your target market, competitors and technical requirements.  Then we will present you with an outline of our plan for the execution of your project.  Upon your approval of our design plan, we will sign a statement of work, and any other legal documents that may be required, such as confidentiality agreements.

Concept Creation and Design

Together we will then begin to identify all required information — existing identity and colors, if any, as well as any images and text you will want to include in your project.  Depending on your needs, desires and budget, we may produce anywhere from one to several design concepts from which you can choose.  Two rounds of revisions may be necessary, though we will work until we get it right, should it take more.

Implementing Your Design

Once we have settled on a specific design direction, you may provide any remaining text and graphics you have for your project, or we can create them.  Following this, the rest of this phase may go fairly quickly, as we complete the technical portion of the implementation.  Finally, your design will be checked for accuracy or tested for usability and functionality.  If we are working on a website, the assets can be uploaded to a testing server for you to try out to be sure you are happy with the design and functionality.

Final Approval and Delivery

We will make a final presentation of your completed project.  Upon your approval, arrangements will be made for final delivery of all assets.

(I originally wrote and published this article on my design website, Marilyn Fenn Design.  I have updated the content for re-posting here.)

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